Sodah.  DoB: 7/11/06

Although my parents had dogs since I was 9, Sodah is the first dog I have owned.  I originally wanted a collie but Gary thought they were too difficult as a first dog.  How we laugh now!

Sodah is a wilful, hard headed, driven determined dog, she is actually my perfect agility dog!

She is the first dog that I learnt agility with and I have made many mistakes along the way but amazingly she has forgiven me (most of the time)

Sodah currently competes at grade 7 in KC agility competitions and runs in Champ classes.

She qualified for the final of the British Open competition at KCI in August '15, just missing out on going to crufts.


Quinn.  DoB: 26/8/09

Quinn is a 6 year old Cairn x Collie.  He was the result of an accidental mating and was bigger than his mum when we collected him at 8 weeks.

Quinn is the glue that keeps my dogs together.  He is generally quite laid back and is loved by all the girls.

Although trained in agility, he did not enjoy competing and is much happier doing cross country running with Gary.


Ruby.  DoB:25/3/07

Ruby came to live with us when she was 4 as unfortunately her owner had died.

She is our first collie and has taught us both an awful lot about dog behaviour.  Ruby is reactive of other dogs so we had to learn how to manage that and was also quite sad and overweight.

Ruby started competing in agility and was very enthusiastic and wild.  Unfortunately she picked up an injury and we decided to retire her at 6.  She also showed signs of early onset arthritis.

Ruby recovered really well and still thinks she is a puppy and goes running and has an occasional play on some agility equipment.

She is very much the comedian of the family and will have long conversations with you!



I first saw Kali at 4 months hiding under a chair at an agility show, although we hadn't intended on another dog as we had only had ruby less than a year, she came home with us that day.

Kali is a very complex dog, fear reactive of people and dogs and we have spent a lot of time using positive training to improve this.

She is a thinker and always wants to do her best.  Kali qualified for a number of finals in her first year of competing.  She has recently moved up to grade 6 (the second highest level) after a long break due to injury.

Kalis full name is Kalyana Mitrata which is Pali for Soul Mate.  She is a very special dog and is my shadow and loves nothing more than to throw her legs round your neck and have a hug.


Zeal (Fellspirit Dream Big) DoB: 8/10/16

Zeal is my first 'properly bred' dog.  I spent a lot of time talking to people and finding out about health tests and lines and researched the epilepsy database to see what lines to go for and avoid.

Zeal was not meant to be mine, I was due another pup but sadly the mating hadn't worked and he was a last minute decision!

They say that things happen for a reason and I am really grateful his breeder allowed me to have him!

  Ze is a high drive collie with lots of chase instinct and is incredibly friendly and I have spent a lot of time making myself more valuable to him.

He is VERY naughty but a lot of fun and very fast and I am loving my journey with him.  He will hopefully be competing in agility from Easter 2018.... watch this space!