Hi I'm Sarah Tuck and I am the trainer at Doggone Active     

I offer training in agility and lifeskills and do some behavioural work. 

I love teaching , I  aim to inspire people to be open minded, creative and committed to achieving success without losing the fun and joy of spending time with your best friend - your dog(s). 

I grew up with dogs and have owned my own for nearly 12 years and currently live with 4.

I am a qualified Kennel Club Agility Judge and has passed the Agility Club Instructor Course with a First Class (top level).

Having worked in education as a teacher for over 12 years, in many and varied environments, I look to find your learning style to bring out the best.

Through my experiences with my own dogs and training in TTouch, I am  able to adapt any methods to suit individual dogs and am very aware of the signals dogs constantly give off that we sometimes may miss.